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Top 5 Rated 2008 Wholesale Directories

Wholesale Directories Reviewed

There are many wholesalers and dropshippers directories available in UK and USA, however not all of them are very reliable and do not provide up to date information. Many directories boast to present thousands of contacts, however most of them in reality contain retail sites and not true wholesalers.

Some of the wholesale directories have also been observed to own ratings and review sites like Ratedsites.co.uk to increase their sales and make their directories more attractive. Additionally some directories also lie about their updates or at least we were not able to verify their recent updates. They also make many false claims like verifying wholesalers to lure the customers to buy directly from them. However at Ratedsites we have thoroughly reviewed each directory by purchasing their membership, prepared questionnaires, surveys and after carrying out extensive analysis and taking into consideration the results of our research and customer feedback, we have rated the top 5 most cost effective and productive wholesale directories for 2008. See a sample survey filled by one of the members of various wholesale directories.

Note: We have also observed that there are not more than 10,000 Real UK wholesalers that are currently operating in the country.

Wholesale Pages

Largest and the most powerful wholesalers and dropshippers resource. Includes UK, USA, France and Hong Kong Wholesalers and Dropshippers. Easily the most reliable source for UK wholesalers and dropshippers. Wholesale Offers are regularly updated and you can leave your orders directly to wholesalers. Nearly over 500 orders are processed every month. We personally verified their updates as mentioned on their news & updates section. They do update their portal for real and new content is added on a very frequent basis unlike many other directories.

The only site from which we received regular newsletters and special wholesale offers. If you are new to wholesaling and trading whether online or offline then Wholesale Pages is a one stop shop for all your sourcing needs. Includes ebooks, wholesale guides and a lot more. Lastly the directory offers best value for money as the membership fee only starts from £3.99

Amount of Wholesalers: Over 100,000 (including UK, USA, France Hong Kong & more)
Amount of Dropshippers: 4000(provides discount coupons for some companies)
Includes ebooks, eBay guides and other trading information
Provides regular News and Updates about their portal (News for over 2 years archived)
Lifetime Membership available - Not all directories offer such a package
Membership Fee: Starting from only £3.99. Lifetime membership for £24.99
Value for Money: 10/10
Over All Rating: 10/10
Our Recommendation:

Wholesale Directories Reviewed and Rated

All Wholesale UK

A very large resource of wholesalers and dropshippers in UK and USA. Includes additional resources like car boots, markets and fairs directory, auction resources, company formation information and a whole package of ebooks and software worth over £2000. Regularly updated and a site worth signing up with. Ideal for ebayers and startups.

Amount of Wholesalers: 8,000 +
Amount of Dropshippers and Other Sources: 1,500
Provides regular News and Updates about their portal (News for over 3 years archived)
Lifetime Membership available - Not all directories offer such a package
Membership Fee: Starting from £8.99 and Lifetime membership for £24.99
Value for Money: 9/10
Over All Rating: 9/10
Our Recommendation:

Simply Wholesale

The directory was launched in 2006 and targets the UK traders and suppliers. The main focus of the directory is to bring latest wholesale offers and bargains from various suppliers to their members. Sign-up cost is slightly higher than other directories but their members have assured us that the membership is worth every penny. Definitely a wholesale directory for serious traders and anyone wishing to resell for profit whether on ebay or other online and offline mediums. The website also provides additional training videos, ebooks and guides, so people who are new to trading are not left stranded for help and advice.

Amount of Wholesalers: 1,500 +
Amount of Other Sources: 3,000 (includes ebooks, videos & other benefits)
Membership Fee: £4.99/month and £37.00/year
Value for Money: 9/10
Over All Rating: 8/10
Our Recommendation:

Worldwide Brands

Another great resource consisting of many dropshippers and wholesalers primarily in USA but also contain several resources for UK and Canada. Content is updated on a regular basis, however if you are based in UK then we would strongly suggest considering signing up with WholesalePages. Slightly expensive to join but contains an array of products which can prove to be very useful if you trade online, on ebay or practically in any other medium.

Amount of Wholesalers: 6,000 +
Amount of Dropshippers and Other Sources: 1,000
Membership Fee: Dropshippers: $69.95 - Wholesalers: $69.95 - All Products: $197.00
Value for Money: 8/10
Over All Rating: 8/10
Our Recommendation:


Not a very large resource of wholesalers and dropshippers, but the data has been collected very carefully and overall its a very good set of information. An importing course and several Chinese resources are also included in the membership. The joining fee is slightly more than other sites but the membership is wroth every penny. Content is updated on a consistent basis.

Amount of Wholesalers: 1,000 +
Amount of Dropshippers and Other Sources: 50 (included in the wholesalers directory)
Membership Fee: $49.95
Value for Money: 7/10
Over All Rating: 7/10
Our Recommendation:

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